PhD Workshop

Summer School for Doctoral Students of Architecture 2017, Workshop 2

PhD Workshop November 29th 2017

Venue University of Oulu, Tellus Innovation Arena, Frost Club

Summer School for Doctoral Students of Architecture 2017 is arranged by the Oulu School of Architecture, University of Oulu, but also doctoral students from other Architect Schools in Finland and Nordic countries are most welcome. Also the supervisors are invited to attend to the PhD Workshop to comment the doctoral students’ presentations, to foster academic high quality discussions.

All doctoral students were invited to attend to the workshop by giving a 20 minutes presentation concerning the theme of their doctoral
thesis. The doctoral student should also be prepared to show with a couple of slides the conceptual frame, methods, materials and the main research question of his/her thesis.

The registration to the PhD workshop closed November 24th 2017.

The PhD Workshop November 29th is free of charge.

Please be most warmly welcome.

Dr. Aulikki Herneoja


09.45 Coffee

10.00 Dr. Aulikki Herneoja, Opening words: About the content of the PhD Workshop and introducing the Senior Commentators

10.15 Francesca Paola Piccolo, Our Concrete Heritage - Enhancing the preservation of Modern Architecture

11.00 Pasi Toiviainen, Illusion of ecologicality: Buckminster Fuller explained

11.45 Lunch break

13.15 Matti Lakkala, The new tectonics of contemporary log architecture

14.00 Piia Markkanen, Architectural design and evaluation of knowledge work environments - Interventions in startup-companies

14.45 Coffee

15,15 Miia Mäkinen, Wandering in the woods - Spatial experience in the context of nature-based tourism architecture in Arctic

16.00 Hanna Kosunen, Approaches to urban infill planning in areas with unclear development potential

16.45 Closing words of the PhD Workshop Presentation Session

19.00 The PhD Workshop continues within more informal academic discussions (Architecture Guild House, address: Pursitie 8)